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Golden Carole

Carole Lombard

Carole in Bed

Carole Lombard in Twentieth Century (1934)

Stylish Carole Lombard

Greta Garbo in Conquest (1937)

Stylish Ginger Rogers

Greta Garbo in Flesh and the Devil (1926)

Art Deco Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers

Greta Garbo in As You Desire Me (1932)

Greta Garbo in Camille (1936)

Greta Garbo as Mata Hari

Greta Garbo in Ninotchka (1939)

Norma Shearer


Bathing Beauty Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard in My Man Godfrey (1936)

Carole Lombard in Now and Forever (1934)

Greta Garbo in Romance 1930

Carole Lombard

Norma Shearer in The Divorcee (1930)

Norma Shearer in A Free Soul (1931)

Norma Shearer as Marie Antoinette

Norma as Juliet